Side protection nets

To protect people working on scaffolding or roofs from possible falls, the use of side protection nets has proven to be an economical and recommended method. These nets are not only important for securing roofs, but also as a protective measure on flat roofs. In contrast to safety nets, side protection nets act in the form of edge protection to prevent falls.

The specially developed nets are attached to roof safety scaffolding or commercially available facade scaffolding. Therefore they are often referred to as roof safety nets or scaffolding nets. They must completely cover the different levels of the scaffolding, from one toeboard to the other.

Safety comes first here

The required material properties of the side protection nets are defined by the DIN EN 1263-1 standard and the BGR 179 regulation. In addition to a maximum permissible mesh size of 100 millimeters and resistance to UV radiation and weather influences, the energy absorption of the fabric is of central importance.

The side protection nets we offer not only meet these requirements, but even exceed the prescribed minimum energy consumption when new. Thanks to this additional safety reserve, our nets offer the highest possible protection for work on scaffolding. Construction workers can concentrate on their activities without having to worry about their safety once a suitable scaffold protection net is installed. In addition, the side protection net protects passers-by from falling building rubble.

The right choice for every construction site

Our selection of side protection nets includes common standard sizes that are suitable for various scaffolding designs. If the right size is not included, we are able to produce individually made side protection nets according to your dimensions. When choosing the mesh size, you have the option between 45, 60 and 100 millimeters. We would be happy to advise you before you decide to purchase a scaffolding net.

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