Side protection net (GSV)

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Side protection nets in accordance with EN1263-1 and DGUV information 201-011 have an integrated edging rope (System U) and are equipped with quick-release belt fasteners (GSV), which are sewn on at a maximum distance of 75 cm.

The standards EN 1263-1 and DGUV-Information 201-011 set the standard for side protection nets and nets in roof safety scaffolding. These nets are called protection net system U and are used in vertical support structures. By using these nets, the use of an intermediate beam can be dispensed with. Our side protection nets meet all specified criteria and are characterized by outstanding quality and durability.

The net structure is provided with a continuous edge that is approximately 9 mm thick, as shown in the attached example image. An additional rope is sewn or chained over the edge stitches. This edge gives the net a clean look on all sides and at the same time offers stable and resilient attachment points. Both the end edge and all seams are in the color of the net.

In addition, quick-release strap fasteners are attached to easily attach the side protection net to the scaffolding bars. These quick-release belt fasteners are placed at a maximum distance of 75 cm and are approximately 55 cm long. This method of fixing the net to scaffolding pillars has been approved by the BauBG.

The protective net is made from braided, dyed polypropylene filament yarn. This is an extremely tear-resistant and stable synthetic fiber. Thanks to the knotless interweaving, which is just as stable as a knotted connection, the net retains its full dimensional stability.

The material is of course 100% non-toxic, and contact with mucous membranes (mouth, eyes) poses no danger. Our safety nets are both weather-resistant and UV-stabilized, making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

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